uneekor e6

user guide

Starting a Golf Round
Add & Edit Players (If you are playing alone, you can add an AI assistant to play with you)
Select Mode of Play – Stroke Play is the most common one

Select the Course (we have over 27 and more on the way)

This screen shows you all the game options like mulligans, putting mode settings, etc. To change any of these press on ‘Settings’ button. These will usually be standard setting and you can also change them any time while applying as well.
Select how many holes you want to play. Once ready click on “Tee off!”
Select clubs hit you plan to play with any other club than the recommended one
You can move the Aim manually if you are not satisfied with the auto selected one. You can touch on the screen or the small screen on the right top side.
To Close the game, change the game, change the settings etc. click on the E6 Logo on the left side.

Practicing on the Driving Range
Choose ‘Practice’

Add and Edit players (Login-if you have an account)
Select what to practice, Driving range or Chip and Putt
Select from Driving range if you chose that, if you chose Chip and putt go to next step. You have 5 options for different type of range, choose one and click next.
If you chose Chip and Putt, you get an few options select one and click next.
Change setting for both game modes if need be or click tee off!
Example View for Chip and Putt
Example View for Driving Range
Different golf clubs can be selected based on which ones are used
Click on E6 logo to exit or change settings
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